Buffering or Freezesing / General Troubleshooting

Sometimes you may experience buffering due to insufficient bandwidth, or because your internet service provider throttles your speed.

To experience ClearFront as smooth as possible don't use WiFi nor any type of extended system, for best result use wire Ethernet cable only if this is supported by your device.

1. Go to "Settings"

2. Select "Clear Cache"

3. Turn off and unplug your streaming device.

4. Turn off and unplug your internet router and leave for one minute.

5. Turn on your internet router. Keep in mind that your internet router will take several minutes to start up, and during that time you will not be able to access the internet.

6. After your internet router have started up and your internet is running, turn on your streaming device.

7. Turn on your VPN, Cyberghost is our recommended VPN. Other VPN providers that we recommend are:



If you don't have a VPN contact us to get the login details of our trial account. Visit our Blog for more information on the use of VPN with our services.

8. Sign in into our app and try to watch. You will need to have your login details at hand to sign in, if you don't remember your login details click here to see how to recover it.

9. If the problem still persist, turn Cyberghost VPN "Off" and "On" again to force it to change location. If you're using another VPN change the location to a server that works for you

10. Force close our app and reopen it again so it takes the changes in server location. It's important that you force close our app and not just leave the app. If you don't know how to force close an app on your device just google it, for example:

"how to force close an app on firestick"

11. Go back to "Settings"

12. Select  "Launch Speed Test"

13. Select "Detailed Test"

14. Send us a clear full screenshot of the test results to [email protected] and we will create a customized work plan for you.

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